Today we cultivate about 17 hectares (42 acres) of vines in areas of Dolgesheim and the next villages Weinolsheim, Hillesheim and Dorn-Dürkheim. In the era Tertiary the Rheinhessen region was covered by an ocean (the Mainz Basin). During this time, clays, sands and limestones were deposited. The vineyard soils range from light sandy loam soils over limestone clay to heavy, humus-rich loess soils.

In 2007, we completely changed our vineyards to organic farming. We are a member of Naturland.

Weingut Seck was founded  50 years ago. We place special emphasis on consistent production of high quality wines. Quality begins in the vineyard. Through a careful pruning, greening in each row and removal of leaves and thinning of the grapes the basis for full-bodied, dense white and red wines is placed. Yields average at about 75 hectoliters per hectare, or about 1.5 liters per vine. The top wines are at 40-55 hectoliters per hectare.

Our red wines get density and character by traditional fermentation on the skins, they are further refined by maturation in small or large oak barrels. The grape must of the white varieties is cooled and slowly fermented to ensure optimal preservation of flavors and a clean fermentation. By careful and gentle treatment, the quality achieved in the vineyard is preserved. We fill our wines directly in the winery to bring the wines into the bottles as fresh and gently as possible .