Screw Cap

To bring white, rosé and light red wines as fresh as possible to you, we use screw caps for these wines today. Any flavor impact is excluded by this closure and the wine can be stored for longer. A Screw Cap promises an undisturbed drinking pleasure.

Weinstein (crystal tartrates)

Weinstein in the bottle does not indicate a faulty wine. The opposite is the case, Weinstein is a sign of quality. Weinstein is a combination of minerals present in the wine and wine acid. Weinstein - Crystals are odorless and tasteless and attached to either the closure or fall to the bottom of the bottle. Weinstein caused by temperature fluctuations or by maturation processes in the wine.
Tip: Pour the wine carefully, so that the Weinstein - crystals remain in the bottle.

Cork Taste

The corks used by us are mainly from Portugal. Cork is a natural product. Red Wines in bottles sealed with natural cork mature slowly. In exceptional cases the taste of the wine is affected by a cork, this is known as cork taste. If this occurs with one of our bottleswe will of course replace this bottle.